Monday, May 15, 2006

Ma words...

People say that
A picture tells a thousand words
So let every word of mine
Paint you a picture
A picture of your own imagination
A picture of your own
A picture made by you
A picture just for you to see
That'll say a million words
For my every word

Words convey everythin wen used write....nd shatter it all wen uttered wrongly...


Blogger warrior_poet said...

i really like ur crap!hehe ;)

some of ur poems r my favs!

do continue writin a lot n lot n lot!


12:07 AM  
Blogger singing poet said...

heyyyy! u know ur poems are so deep and so well phrased!seriously really nice!i really love reading em!keep on coming!cheers

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

poems are really very nice. i liked it verymuch. plz keep it up. hope for the best of u.thanks for ur nice poems.
with love

10:42 PM  

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