Friday, July 23, 2010


With free flow of cash
Comes arrogance
Which makes you feel
You can do anything

But it isn't your
Self worth thats speaking
Its just the money

And when you're sailing
The boat of arrogance
You feel that everyone else
Is pessimistic

And that you know you
Can climb any mountain
But it isn't your hard work speaking
It's just the money speaking
Making you snobbish

Having a limited cash flow
Makes you humble

Makes you value
The small things in life

Makes you value
Hard work and success

Makes you value

Makes you understand
What people are worth
'Cos its no gamble anymore
Now is the real deal

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foggy View

I feel that
I live my life
Like I am in a movie

Where I want to say things
To create action
And drama

I do things in a split second
'Coz its fun to do it
But I don't realize
How it would affect me in the long run

I make rash decisions
For a one second enjoyment

Its not like words
Don't have meanings for me

Its not like
I want to hurt others

Its not like
I am dishonest

I just make bad decisions
Without realizing the consequences
Assuming that everything is going to be fine
But it rarely is

I need to change this
I need to take a step back

And tell myself that
Action based on a one second thought and
Action based on countless hours of thinking
Have an equal effect and consequence for all

I need to change this
I need to take a step back

Take a moment to think through things
And not say that
Let me enjoy in the moment
Will think of the consequences later

Indeed that makes life less fun
Indeed that makes life more difficult
But at least it might help me
Commit lesser mistakes

Maybe I am being immature
Maybe I am being scared
That's why I run away
From thinking about the result
Of my actions
And just do the action

I'm like a drug addict
Whose mind is fogged up
And who takes the drug
For a split second enjoyment
Without thinking about the
Result of the action

And then suffers
Life long with the
Result of the action

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sad Silent Standstill

Things that are wrong
Things that hurt
Things that don't make sense

You try to change them
You communicate them
And try to better them

But if things don't better
You change yourself
You reject what's in you
You change your theories
You change what you believe
You let your soul lie naked

You don't smile or cry
'Coz nothing is right or wrong
Just everything seems different
Different and unusual
And your body,mind and soul
Rejects everything
So for a while you forget
To breathe
To smile
To cry
And arrive at a standstill

Where you know you're sad
But don't see a path
Neither ahead of you
Neither behind you
'Coz you weren't happy before
People aren't happy with your change

So you go back
And make people happy
Shedding your soul
And trying to wear a new skin.

But everything is different
And everything is sad.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

This is what life has become now.....

Wanted to spend more
Time with you

Ended up spending 
All my seconds with you
And just you

My old friends faded away
Since I didn't have time
To renew them

Now when you don't
Have time either

I'm left shattered
And all alone
With no soul to share
My thoughts with

Something that makes you
Can also break you

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kicked away....

"If you talk to me like this
I can't concentrate on my work"

And the millisecond hope candle blows away.....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


In the entire 24 hours
Your focus was just work

I just needed a second
Of your focus

I just needed a second
Of your attention

I just needed a second
To share my stresses with you

I just needed a second
Of your love

I just needed a second
Of your warmth

It's so hard to understand
that you're busy
But I'm trying hard to be supportive
And not get angry or frustrated

But it gets hard
When I keep making
My hopes smaller and smaller
And yet they don't get met

I just needed a second
To be close to you
To know that I'm still
Within your heart

I'll start tomorrow
With the hope of
A millisecond

Monday, January 26, 2009

How do I forget you?

You're busy with work
And focused into it
Whereas I'm lost in love
Trying to get a hold of
Your attention and love
But you seem too lost somewhere else

I understand that you're busy
But its not fair
That I have to spend my time alone

I know you're busy
Trying to make a better future for me
But if you forget to
Talk with me
Then how would I be
In your future?

All I need from you is
When you return from work
To talk with me
To give me some attention

I spend my entire day alone
Just thinking about you
Imaging I'm with you
Emailing you letters
Sending you msgs
Waiting for the night to come
To share my day with you

But the night comes
And you're too tired
And hungry
And you have more work to do
If I don't understand you now
I'm being unreasonable again

The next morning
Just follows suite
And so on
Till the weekend comes

We enjoy for a bit
Then again your focus is back
Again to your work
All you did was
Talk about how much work
You had
Yet you spent the entire
Weekend with me.

Yes I know the tables have turned
I was busy before
And you were the one who'd say
That I'm ignoring you
Even though I made sure
That I'd try to be with you
For every step
And I would still maintain
Our communication.

Things have changed
Love doesn't seem to be important
To you anymore
Since you have conquered it

But why do you forget that
Love is a constant process
And shouldn't be replaced with work

Love is not to be forgotten
And it isn't a task to do
It's like air
Do you forget to
Breathe when you are busy?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Living the Dream

What was once a dream
Which seemed so far
That it could never be caught
Is now in my arms

Living every second in it
Still seems like its
Just a dream
Waiting to be woken up
Shattering everything

Something in me
Still can't come to realize
That the dream
Is now a reality

But what seemed so far
Is now so close
And those old dreaming days
Are now long forgotten

Things are now
Taken for granted
Things have now changed
Dreaming in colour
Seems like
Living in black and white

Life has taken over its course
Now there's no time for love.......
Too busy running after life
That I have forgotten
To live life

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My life or yours?

Why has my life
Gotten entangled with yours?

Why do your actions
Affect my life?

Why is that I have to
Suffer for something I never did?

Why is that I can
Do nothing about it?

You were always
My role model

I was following your footsteps
My eyes always had respect for you

I even forgave you
For the little things you did

Thinking that you might be right
For you always inspired me

But then slowly your actions
Weren't in agreement with my conscience

I still tried to uphold
The respect I always had
By blaming it on myself

But now its just gone too far
I can't respect you anymore

I did nothing at all
But I have to suffer it all

I don't know how to handle
This situation

For I still want to believe that
You're the same person
Who was once my mentor
Who was once my guiding light
I can't seem to accept this
It's just to hard to believe

Every second when I think of it
I'm still hoping that
It's all wrong
And that it's a joke

My mind has become restless
It wouldn't stop thinking about this
Over and over again
I can't control it anymore
I can't solve this either
I can't do anything
All I can do is
Suffer in silence

Even writing this
Was painful
For I had to accept
What I didn't want to accept

You didn't think about me
Even once
Before you did anything
Did you?

I never crossed your mind
Did I ?

You just thought that
It would be one of those
Things which I just never
Find out about

But now I know it all
I wonder how long will
You dupe me for

But does it affect you
That I know it all?

Does it affect you
That I'm suffering
Because of You?

The sad thing is that
I don't even think that
You realize you're wrong

It's so pitiful
To suffer for Your wrong actions
While you keep
Repeating them over and over again

I guess I must have done
Something really bad to deserve it

I shouldn't be bothered
If you feel its right
Everyone has their karma to handle
And their destiny to face

But the pity is
That it does affect me
'Coz you're still a big part of me
A part of what I am today
Is 'coz of you

Suffering for someone's else mistakes is a silent explosive for my mind.....searching for a cure to this all

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Prayer for You!

I prayed for your good health
I prayed for your well-being
I prayed for you to be happy
I prayed for your family's upkeep
I prayed for your wishes to turn real
I prayed for your heart to be strong
I prayed for you not to get hurt
'Coz I know that
I'll leave you sweetheart

It hurts me
To even think about it
But it will happen

So I pray that
When I leave you
You wouldn't accompany
Tears in your life
Just move on dear
For this was meant to be

Don't worry I know
You'll come out of it
For a person like me
Who never prays
Went to Lord today
To ask all this
I'm sure first time visitors
Have a good welcome

So my sweetheart
You'll soon forget me

Why is that
When I'm smiling
My lips can feel tears
For I know I'm happy
That you'll move on without me
Then why am I sad
That you'll move on without me

Monday, July 03, 2006


This is life
Is too short
To live it just for you
I'll make every second worthwhile
By spending it with you
It might be short
But I'll make it everlasting
I'll die also just for you
Then I'd be with You forever
That's an eternal promise
'Coz sweetheart

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I didn't love you enough
For I seem to be failing
In the true test of love
But you stand firm
Guess i'm just a failure..

It's all just painful
Very heart-aching
The pain reaches deep down
Increasing hugely within seconds
For it becomes more aching
Hiding the entire pain
The bright plastic smile shouldn't
Convey even a single tear
For they'll lead the trail to a million others
Just supposed to be happy
Like ma world didn't crash down
But deep down inside
Only I know what really has crashed
What really remains broken
Never to be mended again
'Coz deep down
Only pain dwells
Nothing else but pain

Can't do witout you.................jst can't

My Dream World !

This world is ruthless
Can't meet you
Can't see you
Can't spend time for you
Can't be with you

Want to be near you
Want to see your smile
Want to talk endlessly
Want to feel your presence

Let's run away
To our own little world
No money
No tensions
No work
No people
No rules
Just the two of us
And our love for each other

This world is
My dream world
Goodnight Sweetheart
Meet you there!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Confused againn...

My sweetheart
I want you to
Confide in me
I want you to
Trust me
I just want you to
Share each detail

Tell me everything
'Coz I wanna be a reflection
Of your mind
Wanna know everything
That you think
Wanna know everything
That makes you happy
Wanna know everything
That makes you sad
So just lose yourself
Completely into me
Till you'd find no difference
Between yourself and mine

For I don't want you
To hesitate
Just want you to feel free

Free yourself
Your mind your body your soul
In mine
And tell me everything
Regardless of the subject
For no matter what
The respect that ma eyes
Hold for you
Wouldn't fade away
With a smile
And wouldn't even wipe away
With a tear
'Coz sweetheart I love you
For who you are
So never be scared
To tell me everything

It's true I won't be
Able to handle everything
I won't be able
To understand some things
I won't be able
To heed proper advice
I won't be able
To tell you the right words
I won't be able
To help you
I won't be able
To solve your troubles
I won't be able
To end your worry
And I might just
Add more to it

Knowing all this well
It really scares me
'Coz I know I don't
Live upto your expectations
But I still want you
To share with me
'Coz I just wanna
Be beside you
Not only through the good times
But all the time

Hope I don't mess things
Just by my presence
But I just can't figure out
That despite being so unhelpful for you
I still just wanna be with you
Wanna be yours
Wanna be beside you
I hope I'm not being selfish
And forgive me if I am
But I just wanna spend
Every second of ma life with you

No matter if the clock
Strikes good or bad
My darling I still wanna be yourss...

Sweetheart I'm losin ma mind over you......I cn't even figure out wat I'm tryin to say...'coz mayb sumtimes...wen u jst wanna sumthin...u say everythin but tht....words jst cn't xpress ma feelingssss......'coz ma sweetheart I love you like crazyyyy...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My baby!

My sweetheart
You're my baby
I love to take care of you
You don't bother about yourself
But I'm here to do that

So I'll shower my love on you
And treat you like a baby
Make you listen to me
For I wanna pamper you
And take deep care of you

Share your sorrows
And I'd turn them
Into joy

Share your problems
And I'd solve them
Just for you

Share your life
And I'd change the
Meaning of Life !

For I'd tuck you to bed daily
With a goodnight kiss
Promising that your day
Would began with a smile

Don't lend me a deaf ear
Listen to me
For this is how I'll love you

So baby let me love you!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Simply busy!

I'm losing your priority
I'm losing your love
I'm losing you

I know I'm no more
Imporant to you

I know you don't
Want to care for me

I know that
I'm becoming a burdern

I know that
You're work is more important

Keep working
In the end
Don't return to me
For I'd told you
Your future at present
You were simply
Too busy
Too busy for me
Too busy for yourself
Just busy!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

You're my Dream

What have you done to me?
Suddenly everything
Has turned colourful
Suddenly everything
Seems to blossom
Suddenly love's the thing
That I can't stay without
Suddenly I can see
Paradise in your eyes
Suddenly everything
Seems so right
Suddenly everything
Is just so perfect

Too perfect to be true
As much as it hurts
To even think about it
I know that this is
Going to melt down

The faster it was built
The quicker will be it's fall

I know that
I'll start hating you
For what you are

I know that
I'll start changing you

I know that
I'll want you to
Bend in my way

If not for me
Maybe you'd do it
Maybe you'd change me

'Coz you know
That I'm yours
And that's the assurance
That you have

Maybe that's what
Would wanna make
You hurt me

Maybe that's
Why everything would shatter
Shatter into pieces
Pieces so small that
The tinyer they get
The deeper they dwell
Dwell deep within
That the scar would be
Too deep to ever heal

I'm just hoping that
My dream doesn't come true

(inspiration was the beautiful song " I just wanna spend my life with you" from Neal nd Nikki...which is the perfect song..the lyrics are amazing...just explains it all...everythin! )

Friday, June 16, 2006


Betraying your trust
Disobeying your rules
Being a rebel
Lying to you

Hollowing our bond
Just to build another one
Is it right?

Will this new relation
Built on a foundation
Of falsehood last?

I feel guilty
For my every action
Which I keep erasing
Keep removing all trails
That would lead you to him
'Coz it'll lead me to shame

For I broke your trust
I lied to you
I'm guilty of it all

Yet I repeat this
Day in and day out
'Coz his single letter
Seems to sing melodies
That reach deep within
And remain treasured forever

For a second
It could seem wrong
But at the other
It'd all turn perfect
With a touch of his love

If it's a crime
To love him
Then it'd be a crime
To live

For I merely breath
When I'm alone
But I live
With him around

The bitter truth remains
For it'd be revealed
With a touch of our destiny

I love you sweetheart
Alas! Is it right?
Or Is it wrong?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Goodnite Kiss

Throw away your tensions
Throw away your worries
Throw away your troubles
Throw away your problems

As I kiss you goodnight
Promising you of
A goodnight's sleep
That would awaken
You with solutions
Making your tomorrow
A brighter one

Steer clear from your worries
For I'm here
Right beside you
Go to sleep my sweetheart
Good nite!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Only yours

I'm not your girl
I'm not your angel
I'm not your life
I'm not your future

Yet why can't
I think right?

Can't look at another guy
Can't talk freely
Can't spend time with him
Can't be with him
Can't be frank
Can't be normal
For I feel commited to you

Wanna hide myself
From everyone else
And be open just to you

Every second of life
That I have on earth
I want it to be
Just for you
Not for anyone else

My smile
My secrets
My jokes
My tears
My life
Reserved for you

You might not be mine
But I'm yours
Yours forever!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Love Challenge

Love can't be that easy
You propose
And I accept it

Then I'm yours
And your mine

Is that really love?
Why does it seem
Like just another form
Of friendship?

Love's got to be more
Than friendship
It's gotta to be a challenge
The further the distance
The more it's worth

It's not just about loving you
It's about not losing out on you

It's not just about the lovely words
It's not about flattery
It's not the romantic things

It's just the way
You make me feel
With your words of silence
Which speak volumes
Of your love for me

So just be yourself
Your usual self
Which doesn't want me
But deep down inside
Loves me
Adores me
Misses me
I like it that way
I like to see through you
Through your words
Into the deeper you
Into the real you

Polish a diamond
And it's radiance increases
Make the path to your heart tougher
And I'll cherish you forever
Never to be lost
Just forever mine
And mine forever

Sunday, June 11, 2006

U & I

I always walked
Under the black clouds
But you showed me
The everlasting sunshine
That gleamed through ma sorrows

I always felt the
Loneliness of the night
But you befriended me
With the twinkling stars
That accompanied ma fears

I'm always hurt
By the thorns of the rose
But you made me smell
It's sweet aroma
That made the pain heavenly

I always looked at
The mountains as an obstruction
But you envisioned them
As just pieces of rocks
Easiest to climb

I always took
Water for granted
But you encaptured it's strength
In the gushing waterfalls
That wouldn't let it be mistreated

I always saw
The ugly in the good
You always saw
the good in the ugly

'Coz sweetheart
You're truely ma blessing
You're ma guiding light
And I can't live without you
Coz you're the one for me
Who's come down from heaven
To be mine

I love you sweetheart...and I can't loose you...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Your words!

Surrounded myself with you
Built my whole world
Around you

Only you had the
Entry to my heart
Only you were the closest
So close that
Your every word
Reached straight inside my heart
And remained edged

You gained top priority
Your few words
Seemed like diamonds
Rare yet so valuable

Your one word
Soars my spirit
Shows me hope
Makes my presence worthy

But when your words
Are not right
Their every letter
Sends tremors
Shaking my entire world
Crashing it into pieces
Pieces so small
Which make me lose
Not only you
But myself too !

Friday, June 09, 2006

My lil world

I run away from
The whole world
Just to be in your arms

When I'm with you
I find such care
Such concern
Such love
I find solace
With which I can live

For everytime something
Seems wrong
I still seem to smile
'Coz you're always
The right thing
In my wrong world

No matter what happens
I'll make it through
'Coz you are like
My guardian angel
Who' s been sent down
From heaven
To make my world
A little heaven
Thanks for being there

Hope you wouldn't
Ever leave me alone
'Coz when you're gone
Everything seems so wrong

Every little thing
Makes me shed a tear
I just want you
By my side
Return soon
Missing you so much!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hate Love

I hate love
'Coz it makes me dream
Makes me run from reality

I hate love
'Coz I wanna grab
What I can never reach

I hate love
'Coz it makes me sensitive
To your every word

I hate love
'Coz it ties me to a bond
That I'd never really have

I hate love
'Coz it makes me near to you
Yet I'm still miles away

I hate love
'Coz i just can't stop loving you
Even though it hurts me so much

I hate love
'Coz it stops ma mind
And ma heart takes control

I hate love
'Coz it makes me
expect the unexpected

I hate love
'Coz i become impractical
But I'm jst blinded by hope

I hate love
'Coz it makes me feel
Like I can't ever live without you

I hate love
'Coz it makes me love you even more
It makes me want to
Care for you
It makes me want to
Treasure you
It makes me want to
Shower my affection on you
It makes me want to
Posses you forever

Ma sweetheart
I hate love
Yet I love you

Love's a huge rollercoaster ride...yet it makes you 4got da downs nd cherish those cutest moments that you have shared....I knw i'm in da lowest spot right now....nd da only way i'll reach up high is with you.....waitin to see da sight above with you...hopin i'll get thru dis wit u right beside me

Sunday, May 28, 2006

You're my world!

I wanna built my own world
Where there would be
Only you and me

Only the two of us
Too less
Yet too much
'Coz we'd never tire
Ourselves by talking

Spending time together
Only us entirely
Far away
From this world
Which expects too much
Just far away
From all the responsiblities

I just wanna ran away
From all of this
And just be with you

Probably a dream
Which would never turn reality
But when you embrace me
When you love me
When I'm in your arms
When you hug me
Why do I pinch myself?
Why does it seem
That my world is built?
Why do I feel
So secure in your arms?
Why do I feel
Like I'm complete?
Is it 'coz you're
The one in my heart??
You're the one
Who's meant to be mine??

Friday, May 26, 2006

Thanks to ma sweetheart....

Even if the world
Crashes down

Even if the day
Has been a tough one

Even though no one
Is by my side

Even though luck
Doesn't favour me

Even though it all
Seems so depressing

Even though everything
Turns to be a misfit

Even though things
Don't turn my way

Even though life
Has been unfair to me

I still am happy
I still am delighted
I feel everything's unchanged
I feel everything's just perfect
'Coz with you around
I can't ever have a bad day

For you're the one who
Makes me smile even through my worst

The way you shower your love
By repeatedly confessing it to me
The way you treat me
The way you handle me
The way you know me
The way you love me
It makes me love you even more
For I feel there's no-one
Better than you
There's no one who can
Love me the way you do

Can't ever think of ma life without you....I love you so much my sweetheart

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The more

The more I love you
The more I fear you

The more I cherish you
The more I hurt myself

The more I dry your tears
The more I weep inside

The more I see you happy
The more I pray it'll last

The more I love you
The more I lose you

The more I want you
The more you run away

The more life has to offer me
The more I meet failure

The more you think i'm crazy
The more you should realise
That I am crazy about you
That your my life
And you'll be my death

Words aren't enough
To express how much
I love you Sweetheart !

Monday, May 22, 2006

Your life!

Given a choice
To own a diamond
Or to be yours forever
My choice is clear

Once I'm yours forever
My path would
Be studded with jewels
Everyday I would see
Something more rarer
Than a diamond
For I'd never miss out
On any of your smiles

Sweetheart you'll never know
How happy your smile
Can make me
How sad your tear
Can turn me

Promise me that
You'll always smile
'Coz I can't see you cry

Tell me your problems
I'll step on every thorn
Till it blooms into flowers
That'll tickle you
Breaking your frown
To an ever-lasting smile

Everything I do
I do it for your smile

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Somethings I'll never say

Wanna hug you
Never let you go

Wanna kiss you
Smother you with my love

Wanna be with you
Feel your vibes

Wanna be yours
To never lose you

Alas! There's somethings
I'll never say

My words would remain
My feelings would remain
My love would remain
Would remain deep inside me
Wouldn't reach you
Till you'd be mine forever

'Coz if life takes a turn
A turn for the worse
I'd part with a tear
Yet I'd part right
For I treated you right
Never like a timepass

For my sweetheart
You'd always be
My blessing
And I would never want
To take you for granted

This is the reason
I don't reciprocate
Your words of love
'Coz I can never
Treat you wrong

But sweetheart
Do you need
Words to describe
My love for you?

Don't you know
You're the only one
Who I love so much

Sweetheart feel my love
Don't hear it
'Coz ears can sometimes ring
But these feelingsI have for you
They'd never turn you down

sweetheartt.....i can't ever stop loving you!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


You might not notice
But you are burning

You burn
When I speak of another guy

You burn
When I say he' s cute

You burn
When I say he's sweet

You burn
When I say he's interesting

You burn
When I say he's good

You burn
When I say I like talking to him

Guess what
I like to see you burn
And I'll make you burn more
I'll tell you more lies

'Coz if you
Don't hve the guts to admit
The love you have for me
Then be manly enough
And burn !!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Awaiting Return

I'm thinking day and night
Of you my sweetheart

Missing your laugh
Missing your company
Missing your words
Missing your care
Missing your love
Missing you!

It's more than
Being lonely
For it hurts
To be without you

The pain reaches deep
Making my ears ring
With your laughter
Making my eyes
Hallucinate your presence
Making my hands dail
You number repeatedly
Making my heart
Skip a beat for you!

You always know
When I'm thinking
What I'm doing
Where I am

But this time
None of my vibes reach you
No telepathy now
No connections

Too busy to hear
The words I whisper?
Too busy to listen
To my feelings?
Too busy to know
That I'm missing you?
Too busy to feel
My love for you?

I want you near
I wanna talk
I wanna be with you

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wake up!

While you were sleeping
I came beside you
Whispered something cute
And kissed you goodbye

Wish I could be
With you forever
And cuddle you

While you were sleeping
I was beside you
Took care that
No one would disturb you

While you were sleeping
I was thinking of you
Your sweet words
Were ringing in my ears

While you were sleeping
I was missing you
Missing your presence

While you were sleeping
I was admiring you
Looking at your dimples

While you were sleeping
I was there
Blocking the sun from your eyes

While you were sleeping
I wanted to hug you
I wanted to...................

Baby, Wake up!
Don't make me miss you so much
Don't make me think of you
Just wake up
And talk to me
And end my chain of thoughts
Before they end me

I don't want to spend
A second without you
Just wanna talk to you
Forever and ever

Don't waste time
In sleeping
Life's too short
So why not spend it in
Love instead!

Sweetheart, wake up!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mine forever

Come love me
Whirl round me
Just hug me
Then kiss me

Talk to me
Weep with me
Laugh with me
Think like me

Walk with me
Play with me
Fight with me
Share with me

Don't lose me
Don't replace me
Don't trouble me
Don't worry me

Wink at me
Be with me
Stay near me
Grow with me
Be mine always

Yours forever
Your valentine

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

For You Ma..

I wanna apologize
I know I was wrong
I know how hard it is
I know how rude I was

Today I wanna apologize
For all what I hve done
'Coz I know how difficult
I really am

I had my own views
My own thoughts
My own philosophies
But my entire world
Was only based upon you

For you were the one
Who was my only one
For complete nine months

For you were the one
Who instilled in me
The right and the wrong

For you are the one
Who'll always figure
What's right with just a smile
And what's wrong even without my tears

'Coz it's amazing
How you can hear
Unspoken words

And this is the reason why
Inspite of thinking differently
We'll still be on the same path
'Coz no matter what happens
My values would always be your clone
And that's what makes me proud
'Coz mommy you're ma idol
And it's all thanks to you mother
That I get to be just like you

Guess life's unfair
'Coz you do so much
Yet you recieve no reward
No acknowledgement
No appreciation

The funny part is
You never seem to complain
My one smile seems
To make you an achiever

Mom I just hope I don't let you down I love you mom....Happy Mother's Day....

Monday, May 15, 2006

Ma words...

People say that
A picture tells a thousand words
So let every word of mine
Paint you a picture
A picture of your own imagination
A picture of your own
A picture made by you
A picture just for you to see
That'll say a million words
For my every word

Words convey everythin wen used write....nd shatter it all wen uttered wrongly...