Sunday, May 28, 2006

You're my world!

I wanna built my own world
Where there would be
Only you and me

Only the two of us
Too less
Yet too much
'Coz we'd never tire
Ourselves by talking

Spending time together
Only us entirely
Far away
From this world
Which expects too much
Just far away
From all the responsiblities

I just wanna ran away
From all of this
And just be with you

Probably a dream
Which would never turn reality
But when you embrace me
When you love me
When I'm in your arms
When you hug me
Why do I pinch myself?
Why does it seem
That my world is built?
Why do I feel
So secure in your arms?
Why do I feel
Like I'm complete?
Is it 'coz you're
The one in my heart??
You're the one
Who's meant to be mine??


Blogger Thomas said...

Nice poetry bloke, I write some stuff too, I used to more but I love it.

10:32 AM  

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