Sunday, May 21, 2006

Somethings I'll never say

Wanna hug you
Never let you go

Wanna kiss you
Smother you with my love

Wanna be with you
Feel your vibes

Wanna be yours
To never lose you

Alas! There's somethings
I'll never say

My words would remain
My feelings would remain
My love would remain
Would remain deep inside me
Wouldn't reach you
Till you'd be mine forever

'Coz if life takes a turn
A turn for the worse
I'd part with a tear
Yet I'd part right
For I treated you right
Never like a timepass

For my sweetheart
You'd always be
My blessing
And I would never want
To take you for granted

This is the reason
I don't reciprocate
Your words of love
'Coz I can never
Treat you wrong

But sweetheart
Do you need
Words to describe
My love for you?

Don't you know
You're the only one
Who I love so much

Sweetheart feel my love
Don't hear it
'Coz ears can sometimes ring
But these feelingsI have for you
They'd never turn you down

sweetheartt.....i can't ever stop loving you!


Anonymous viks said...

hey nice poems
u write on sify too??

9:01 PM  
Blogger hvefuninlife said...

yup...tht's ma blog on sify too

thx for readin!

9:46 PM  
Anonymous viks said...

Yeah i knw dat
I like the way you write
keep up the good work

12:28 PM  

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