Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wake up!

While you were sleeping
I came beside you
Whispered something cute
And kissed you goodbye

Wish I could be
With you forever
And cuddle you

While you were sleeping
I was beside you
Took care that
No one would disturb you

While you were sleeping
I was thinking of you
Your sweet words
Were ringing in my ears

While you were sleeping
I was missing you
Missing your presence

While you were sleeping
I was admiring you
Looking at your dimples

While you were sleeping
I was there
Blocking the sun from your eyes

While you were sleeping
I wanted to hug you
I wanted to...................

Baby, Wake up!
Don't make me miss you so much
Don't make me think of you
Just wake up
And talk to me
And end my chain of thoughts
Before they end me

I don't want to spend
A second without you
Just wanna talk to you
Forever and ever

Don't waste time
In sleeping
Life's too short
So why not spend it in
Love instead!

Sweetheart, wake up!


Blogger singing poet said...

you can officially call me ur greatest fan!i jus love ur stle of writing and the way u express and portray urfeelings!they flow so well that they immediately hit the right spot!i wished all gals would mean what they say but from this poem i can jus feel how much u miss the person in context!ur feelings and thoughts are well portrayed makin this one of ur best in ma opinion!simply superb!:)

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Arun said...

Exactly Mr singing poet...she's an amazing writer...n believe me...her words did hit the right spot at the right time:-)
Well m thinking that whos this person in context:-? He is damn lucky...Wht say??

3:09 PM  

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