Friday, May 19, 2006

Awaiting Return

I'm thinking day and night
Of you my sweetheart

Missing your laugh
Missing your company
Missing your words
Missing your care
Missing your love
Missing you!

It's more than
Being lonely
For it hurts
To be without you

The pain reaches deep
Making my ears ring
With your laughter
Making my eyes
Hallucinate your presence
Making my hands dail
You number repeatedly
Making my heart
Skip a beat for you!

You always know
When I'm thinking
What I'm doing
Where I am

But this time
None of my vibes reach you
No telepathy now
No connections

Too busy to hear
The words I whisper?
Too busy to listen
To my feelings?
Too busy to know
That I'm missing you?
Too busy to feel
My love for you?

I want you near
I wanna talk
I wanna be with you


Blogger singing poet said...

Awesome poem!Really brings out ur true feelings and it jus flows so well that wen i read the poem i can actually feel what u did or are goin thru!awesome stuff!keep up the good work!

11:49 AM  

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