Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foggy View

I feel that
I live my life
Like I am in a movie

Where I want to say things
To create action
And drama

I do things in a split second
'Coz its fun to do it
But I don't realize
How it would affect me in the long run

I make rash decisions
For a one second enjoyment

Its not like words
Don't have meanings for me

Its not like
I want to hurt others

Its not like
I am dishonest

I just make bad decisions
Without realizing the consequences
Assuming that everything is going to be fine
But it rarely is

I need to change this
I need to take a step back

And tell myself that
Action based on a one second thought and
Action based on countless hours of thinking
Have an equal effect and consequence for all

I need to change this
I need to take a step back

Take a moment to think through things
And not say that
Let me enjoy in the moment
Will think of the consequences later

Indeed that makes life less fun
Indeed that makes life more difficult
But at least it might help me
Commit lesser mistakes

Maybe I am being immature
Maybe I am being scared
That's why I run away
From thinking about the result
Of my actions
And just do the action

I'm like a drug addict
Whose mind is fogged up
And who takes the drug
For a split second enjoyment
Without thinking about the
Result of the action

And then suffers
Life long with the
Result of the action


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