Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Prayer for You!

I prayed for your good health
I prayed for your well-being
I prayed for you to be happy
I prayed for your family's upkeep
I prayed for your wishes to turn real
I prayed for your heart to be strong
I prayed for you not to get hurt
'Coz I know that
I'll leave you sweetheart

It hurts me
To even think about it
But it will happen

So I pray that
When I leave you
You wouldn't accompany
Tears in your life
Just move on dear
For this was meant to be

Don't worry I know
You'll come out of it
For a person like me
Who never prays
Went to Lord today
To ask all this
I'm sure first time visitors
Have a good welcome

So my sweetheart
You'll soon forget me

Why is that
When I'm smiling
My lips can feel tears
For I know I'm happy
That you'll move on without me
Then why am I sad
That you'll move on without me


Blogger 3SumByotch said...

Hi im Lily, just trin to make sum friends. dont have many blog friends and i need some. come visit me and leave a comment. im not spam.

Peace Out Lily

8:22 AM  
Anonymous pratap said...


2:10 PM  

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