Friday, June 16, 2006


Betraying your trust
Disobeying your rules
Being a rebel
Lying to you

Hollowing our bond
Just to build another one
Is it right?

Will this new relation
Built on a foundation
Of falsehood last?

I feel guilty
For my every action
Which I keep erasing
Keep removing all trails
That would lead you to him
'Coz it'll lead me to shame

For I broke your trust
I lied to you
I'm guilty of it all

Yet I repeat this
Day in and day out
'Coz his single letter
Seems to sing melodies
That reach deep within
And remain treasured forever

For a second
It could seem wrong
But at the other
It'd all turn perfect
With a touch of his love

If it's a crime
To love him
Then it'd be a crime
To live

For I merely breath
When I'm alone
But I live
With him around

The bitter truth remains
For it'd be revealed
With a touch of our destiny

I love you sweetheart
Alas! Is it right?
Or Is it wrong?


Blogger wise donkey said...

nice one:)

6:10 PM  

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