Thursday, November 01, 2007

My life or yours?

Why has my life
Gotten entangled with yours?

Why do your actions
Affect my life?

Why is that I have to
Suffer for something I never did?

Why is that I can
Do nothing about it?

You were always
My role model

I was following your footsteps
My eyes always had respect for you

I even forgave you
For the little things you did

Thinking that you might be right
For you always inspired me

But then slowly your actions
Weren't in agreement with my conscience

I still tried to uphold
The respect I always had
By blaming it on myself

But now its just gone too far
I can't respect you anymore

I did nothing at all
But I have to suffer it all

I don't know how to handle
This situation

For I still want to believe that
You're the same person
Who was once my mentor
Who was once my guiding light
I can't seem to accept this
It's just to hard to believe

Every second when I think of it
I'm still hoping that
It's all wrong
And that it's a joke

My mind has become restless
It wouldn't stop thinking about this
Over and over again
I can't control it anymore
I can't solve this either
I can't do anything
All I can do is
Suffer in silence

Even writing this
Was painful
For I had to accept
What I didn't want to accept

You didn't think about me
Even once
Before you did anything
Did you?

I never crossed your mind
Did I ?

You just thought that
It would be one of those
Things which I just never
Find out about

But now I know it all
I wonder how long will
You dupe me for

But does it affect you
That I know it all?

Does it affect you
That I'm suffering
Because of You?

The sad thing is that
I don't even think that
You realize you're wrong

It's so pitiful
To suffer for Your wrong actions
While you keep
Repeating them over and over again

I guess I must have done
Something really bad to deserve it

I shouldn't be bothered
If you feel its right
Everyone has their karma to handle
And their destiny to face

But the pity is
That it does affect me
'Coz you're still a big part of me
A part of what I am today
Is 'coz of you

Suffering for someone's else mistakes is a silent explosive for my mind.....searching for a cure to this all


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